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Vision, Mission, & Values


Each veteran has an opportunity to organize and focus their financial lives to build wealth that will aid them in fulfilling their life's purpose.

The financial services industry is often focused on helping people manage their money just before and during retirement.  But few companies help people BUILD wealth.  

My objective is to change that, one veteran and one family at a time.


To improve veterans' lives, one veteran at a time, by helping them establish their financial foundation and put them on a long-term path to financial success, independence, and security, enabling them to focus on their families and their careers.


  • Loyalty: My first duty is to my clients, their interests, and their privacy.  By limiting the number of clients that I serve, I am able to know them on a personal level, which leads to better long-term relationships and success.
  • Integrity: Honesty and candor form the basis of my client relationships.  In a world where many paths can lead to accomplishing a goal, I review options with objectivity and explain the reasoning behind my recommendations, allowing clients to make informed decisions. 
  • Simplicity: Complexity does not always lead to better outcomes.  Rather, complexity is a necessary evil of the financial world.  My planning and coaching process is designed to keep plans as simple and straightforward as possible while helping clients take control of their finances and build real wealth.
  • Education: I strive to teach clients not just what to do, but why.  I want you to know the "why" behind my recommendations so you can take full ownership of YOUR plan rather than simply do what I tell you to do.